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 Firemaking guide.

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PostSubject: Firemaking guide.   Tue May 25, 2010 7:08 pm

Well firemaking is a skill that doesn't need much of a guide. Just burn log's, right? Exactly. However below are some hints and tips on conquering the boredom, and how you can buy this skill fast or slow, depending how much you have to spend.

This guide is based on 70-99

Logs to Burn.

The advantages and disadvantages to better logs are quite obvious. More expensive logs are generally more exp, and so it won't take you as long. Whereas cheap logs are less exp and would take you a little longer.

Willow: 70-99 = 164K Logs. (1.64M on 26 May 2010, prices subject to change)
Maple: 70-99 = 96K Logs. (3.8M on 26 May 2010, prices subject to change)
Yew: 70-99 = 60K Logs. (27M on 26 May 2010, prices subject to change)

Anything below willow is a waste of time, and the logs are actually more pricey due to their popularity to those who level construction.

Anything above Yew is a waste of money. IMO so is Yew, but if you're really impatient and rich... Whatever Smile

Conquering Boredom.

Most people are in agreement when they say Firemaking is a boring skill. As a 99 firemaker I'd have to agree, though there are methods that can ease the boredom just slightly, therefor making it a bearable skill to train.

1) Farm at the same time (Preferably herbs). This is a very good excuse to take breaks every 45 mins or so, and stops the boredom getting to you as much.

2) Beacons. Beacons are actually better exp for firemaking, as you not only get the exp per log, but you also get percentage bonus EXP for lighting so many beacons at once. You can do this whenever the boredom is getting to you. This is not a viable method to train soley on beacons, to 99. they take a while to go out, and it can take a while to load all the beacons up before you go for the lighting run. There is also an issue with revanents in the wilderness. Still, it's worth doing to stop yourself getting bored.

3) Shapes, patterns and backward-lines. Most people think you have to light fires from East to West, to avoid the delay between lighting a second log. However you can still avoid the delay whilst moving a few squares. This allows you to light a fire, let your char start to move as he would, to the West, but re-direct him to the east, behind the fire, and light lines backwards.

You can also use this method to light north/south lines and vice versa, or even diagonal lines. You can experiment trying to do shapes and patterns, too.

That's all I can think of for firemaking, short and sweet. Hope this guide helps, check out the others in the skill-guides section of the forums.

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Firemaking guide.
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