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 Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.

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3 Arrow Kill

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PostSubject: Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.   Tue May 25, 2010 7:18 pm

This guide has been long awaited by many of you and I'm pleased to tell you, the wait is over.

In this guide you will find:

Recomended Gear
Recomended Inventory
Rewards Worth Mentioning

So without further ado, I give you, the CDB guide!


A lot of people in the clan have asked how I make money and I always have the same answer: Barrows, pking, Drags, CDB, and T.D's

(For those who don't know, CDB = Chaos Dwarf Battlefield and T.D's = Tormented Demons)

Before you read on, make sure you have the following requirements:


70 Attack (60+ Minimum)
70 Defence (60+ Minimum)
80 Strength (70+ Minimum)
43+ Prayer

And you also must have completed the "Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf" Quest.


The CDB is one of the best money-makers I have discovered, because the drop rates are not too shabby. The battlefield has 6 Different types of monsters, but only 3 of which should be attacked.

Black Guard Dwarf
Black Guard Crossbow Dwarf
Black Guard Berserker

Chaos Dwarf (Lev 48 - Melee)
Chaos Dwarf Handcannoneer (Lev 100 - Range/Melee)
Chaos Dwogre (Lev 117, Mage)

The black guards are on your side, waging a war against Chaos Dwarfs, cannoneers and Dwogres. These should be your targets (So I have named their combat and attack style)

The main challenge to doing this well, is endurance against the level 100 Cannoneers. These can hit 400+ if you don't protect from range, but you only need to endure them for so long.

When you walk into the cave (Map coming soon), you will be auto-attacked by the level 48 Chaos Dwarfs (No challenge) and the level 100 Hand Cannoneers (Pray range so that they will use their melee attack, which isnt nearly as strong) The Dwogres DO NOT auto attack.

All you have to do is Protect/Deflect range, and last 20 minuites in this room. After 20 minutes they will stop auto attacking and the challenge is over. you can now take off the prayer and save it for emergencies (Explained below)

Once they stop auto attacking, you can pick off the ones that are in combat with black guards. If they are already in combat they wont bother attacking you, instead they will continue attacking the black guard npc that they were doing.

Recommended Gear:

I have always reccomended guthans for anyone coming here, though it doesn't really help much. It is a good way of healing if you walk too far south, so that they all start auto attacking again. Saves on food and can make your trips last as long as you want.

There are other armour sets that I reccomend, here they are, in a slightly diffrerent format than I normally write them:

Gloves: Barrows
Amulet: Fury > Glory > Strength
Boots: Dragon
Ring: Any
Cape: Fire Cape > Nomad's Cape > SkillCape
Weapon: Godsword > Abyssal Whip
Shield: Rune Defender (If using whip)

Rest: Guthans set > Bandos + Dragon Full Helm > Prostelyte

Recomended Inventory:

5 Prayer Potions
10-15 Food (anything, even as cheap as lobs)
Guthans spear (If using guthans setup with whip/God Sword)
DDS (Optional, for special attacks)

Optionally you can also take super sets to test out your max hit, but you will NOT need these. The monsters within are relatively easy.

Rewards worth Mentioning:

Hand Cannon (Cannoneers only) - 300K *
Hand Cannon Shots (Cannoneers only) - 185 GP* (Dropped in 100's)
Seeds (Snap/Torstol ETC) (Dwogres Only) - Varied

And of course the elusive:

Dragon Pickaxe** (Everything) -15M*

*Prices as of 7/6/2010, subject to change as time goes on
** Dragon Pickaxes are more common than people think. In a total of 16 trips there, I had 5 Dragon pickaxes, totalling 75M. Drop rate is very good.

Here's a screenshot of the area you can walk in without getting the cannoneers aggro again. Stay inside the red lines and you should be okay Smile


Thats pretty much it. Heres an image to lift your spirits, so that you may go and hunt for 1 yourself. =)

Hope this had helped, Good luck,

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Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.
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