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 Bandos. (GWD)

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PostSubject: Bandos. (GWD)   Tue May 25, 2010 7:10 pm

Hi to all.

In this guide you will find the following things:

Recommended Levels
Inventory suggestions
Gear suggestions (Including screen-shots of me using each method)
Mage/range/melee guides, including the preferred method and Technique.
Drops worth mentioning.

Bandos is a boss monster in the God Wars Dungeon (GWD). He is comb level 624, you should expect death as a possibility whilst fighting him.

You must have at least 70 strength to get in the boss room, along with 40 Bandos Kill-count obtained by killing his followers around the dungeon (Like Goraks, Orks, Hobgoblins and Ogres)

In the god-wars dungeon there are followers of Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl and Bandos. THEY WILL ATTACK UNLESS YOU ARE WEARING SOMETHING THAT SHOWS YOU FOLLOW THEM.

These items are listed below, and are included in the recommended equipment.

Reccomended Levels

Melee is much preferred at Bandos. The levels below are just guidelines.

75+ Attack
90+ Strength
75+ Defence (85+ For Tanker)
43+ Prayer
80+ HP

Range work's well at Bandos. The levels below are just guidelines.

90+ Ranged
80+ HP
75+ Defence (85+ For Tanker)
43+ Prayer

Mage is not recommended, but if it's your only good comb skill then i suppose it's okay.. The levels below are guidelines.

95+ Mage
80+ HP
80+ Defence (Cannot be tanker. Tankers need good defence Armour, which lowers mage bonus)
43+ Prayer

70 strength is required for EVERYONE. The other levels above are guidelines, lower level's than this can still manage at team events, but I wouldn't recommend solo.

Inventory Suggestions:

Cheap Inventory:

The cheap inventory has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage being that it is cheap, but the disadvantage being that you won't last quite as long as the expensive set.

14 sharks
8 Prayer potions
2 Super Strength
2 Super Attack
Teleport Tablet

Recommended Inventory:

This set is much preferred. Using this set you can last longer per trip, and therefor have a better chance of a rare drop.

19 Super Restore Potions
7 Saradomin Brews
Teleport Tablet

If maging trade in some food or Sara brews/super restores for runes. Likewise if ranging, bring some diamond bolts as well as the ruby equipped. On all 3 attack styles, it is optional to also trade some food or potions for Summoning Familiars.

Gear Suggestions:


Will add when i next melee him so I can make screen shots.

I will write out in text format for now, until I get around to adding in the images (Which I will do when I get my members back, so I can buy the items to show you)

Head: - Helm Of Neitiznot > Berserker Helm > Warrior Helm
Chest: - Bandos Chest Plate > Verac's Brassard > Torag's Plate body
Legs: - Bandos Tassets > Verac's Skirt > Torag's Plate Legs
Boots: - Bandos Boots** > Dragon Boots > Rune Boots
Weapon: - God Sword > Abyssal Whip
Shield: - Rune Defender > Dragon Fire Shield > Obsidian Shield --(Only if using whip)
Amulet: - Fury > Glory
Ring: - Berserker Ring (i) > Warrior Ring (i) >Berserker Ring > Warrior Ring > Ring of life
Cape: - Fire Cape> Skill Cape> God Cape
Gloves: - Barrows > Rune

** Bandos are only recommended as the best here if you cannot afford to use Bandos Chest/Tassets. Dragon are better for the strength bonus and so, if in Bandos, use Dragon boots.

If you choose to substitute, for lack of money or whatever, try to at least keep a Zammy/Bandos item. They are the only monsters through the Bandos door, (not in god room) And so you can run up there and safely get kill count without needing Sara/Armadyl items.


Cheap set:

Below is a set that works okay at Bandos GWD, but the recommended set is better, though costs a lot more.

The amulet equipped in this picture is an Armadyl Pendant. This is used to stop Armadyl followers attacking you, and is obtained for free during the Temple of Ikov quest.

Below is the recommended gear for rangers.

This incorporates Bandos, Sara, Zammy and Armadyl items, so nothing will be aggro towards you in the dungeon (Except boss rooms)

If you don't have a Zammy book, you can just as easily use Sara book and Zammy vambraces, however the Zammy book gives +8 ranged bonus when full, so that is preferred.

Will add when i next mage him so I can make screen-shots... I normally wouldn't mage but will do it once especially for the guide.

I will write out in text format for now, until I get around to adding in the images (Which I will do when I get my members back, so I can buy the items to show you)

Once again I would NOT Recommend mage here. I have warned you enough, if you still wish to try it, here are my recommendations.

Head: - Ahrim's Hood > Farseer Helm
Chest: - Ahrim's Top > Mystic?
Legs: - Ahrim's Skirt > Mystic?
Boots: - Bandos (For protection)
Weapon: - Staff to save on runes > Crozier (Sara/Zammy) For protection
Shield: - None (Lowers mage bonuses)
Amulet: - 3rd Age Amulet > fury > Glory
Ring: - Ring of Life
Cape: - God Cape
Gloves: - Barrows

With all of these sets it is optional to trade out the Bandos item(s) for anything else with other bonuses, and use the Bandos pool at Oo'Glog to stop Bandos followers attacking you instead of wearing the item.

Method and Technique.


Enter first with Protect/Deflect Melee prayer on. Take all the aggro off General Gaar'dor as your teammates all enter the room and pile the boss, whilst you also attack it. Keep your LP above 700 at all times, and keep an eye on your prayer. Once the general is dead, switch to mage prayer and pile the sub bosses one at a time with your team mates.

Stand in the center of the room while your teammates slink off into the corner, so that the general will attack you first (As you are the tank). Same drill again.

Everyone Else

Wait for the tank to enter first and General Gaar'dor to turn his attention to him. All enter with mage protect/deflect on, and pile the General. Once he is dead pile the sub-bosses one at a time. Once everything is dead, slink away to the corner leaving the Tanker in the middle of the room, ready to take the aggro of the general again when he spawns.

For the boss, before the Sub bosses, Rangers should use Ruby (e) to start, and when he is past 1/2 health, switch to diamond (e) for the higher ranged- strength bonus, plus the special which reduces opponents ranged defence, making him easier to hit.

Same drill again.

Rewards Worth Mentioning:

Bandos Boots (900K)*
Bandos Tassets (24.1M)*
Bandos Chest plate (23.6M)*
Bandos Hilt (23M)*

*Prices as of 26th May 2010. Subject to change as time goes on.

Hope this guide has helped you all, there will be updates to it as and when I get more screenshots, including one of the clan taking it on in a team Smile

Happy hunting, and good luck.

Wet Wet.

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tre ehh?

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PostSubject: Re: Bandos. (GWD)   Tue May 25, 2010 8:45 pm

looks like we should go to bandos Smile
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Bandos. (GWD)
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